Volume 2 Issue 12

(December 2018)

CASE REPORT Severe Burns during Pregnancy – A management challenge?.

Dr. K Mangala Lakshmi, Prof. Dr. G. Rohini, Prof. Dr.R.V.M. Surya Rao, Dr. N. Padmavathi, Dr. Minna Usha Rani

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Comparative Evaluation of Tooth Colour under Different Light Sources at Different Angulations: An In Vivo Study

Atul Jain, Shantwana Singh, Brijesh Kumar Singh, Remya Ramachandran,  Kamei Neilalung, Piyushi Mishra Tiwari, Michelle Vaz
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Various Surgical Methods to Accelerate Orthodontic Tooth Movement. A Review

Dr. Shahzaib Nasti, Dr. Shaeeb Rashid
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To Study Clinical Profile of Alcoholic Hepatitis with Special Reference to Discriminant Factor

Dr Jignesh Ladumor, Dr. Chetan Maniya, Dr. Deepak Shukla, Dr. Naimesh Shah,  
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Reconstruction Plating In Oncological Arch Mandibular Resections Revisited With Technical Modifications

Dr Deepak Janardhan, Dr Shaji Thomas, Dr Bipin T Varghese, Dr Sandeep, Dr Shirish Patil
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Dento-Skeletal Effects of Twin Block Appliance and Face-Bow on Early Treatment of Severe Class II Division 1 Malocclusion

Safa A. Eltabey, Marwa S. Shamaa, Maher A, Fouda
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The Clinical and Biochemical Profiles Of Thyroiditis: A Study In Tertiary Care Hospital

RK Gautamjit singh, Puyam sobita Devi, Lucy Laino, Lido Kamgo,  Sudhiranjan Th
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Management of Primary Periodontal lesion with Secondary Endodontic involvement using Novabone Dental putty®A clinical case

Dr Anika Daing, Dr Anish Manocha
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Evaluation of Lipid Profile In Subjets Diagnosed With Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Dr. HrishikeshBagchi, Dr. Sagarika Sarkar

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Endovenous Ablation Vs Open Surgery for the Treatment of Varicose Veins –A Comparative Study

Dr. D.N.Sharmila, Prof. Dr. C. Saravanan Robinson, Dr. S. K. Balaji, DR. M. Joyner Abraham
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Retrospective Study of Goitre in Tertiary Hospital, Thoothukudi Medical College, Thoothukudi

Dr. C. Gangalakshmi, Dr. M. Joyner Abraham., Dr.Vijayalakshmi

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Study On Surgical Management of Penetrating Thoraco Abdominal Injuries

Dr. Prashant Kumar, Dr. Md. Eqbal Ahmad, Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Dr. Vinita Sinha, Dr. Kishor Kr-Das.

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