Volume 3 Issue 3

(March 2019)

Study of Etiological Factors for Post Operative Hydronephrosis after Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy

C.P.M. Chandrasekar, S.Dorian Hanniel Terrence

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The Perfect Match: Recent Advances in Shade Matching

Shajahan P A, Rohit Raghavan, Neena Kunjumon
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Herbal Irrigants: A literataure Review

Dr. Hussain Mookhtiar, Dr. Vivek Hegde, Dr. Srilatha Shanmugasundaram, Dr.Meheriar A. Chopra, Mohd. Naved Mohd. Kauser, Dr. Aman Khan
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An Epidemiological Study of Torsion Test is In A Single Institution

C.P.M. Chandrasekar, S. Dorian Hanniel Terrence,  
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Classification of Microscopic Images of Normal Breast Tissue Using Texture Features

Mihad M. B.Abdalrahman, M. E. M.Garelnabi, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein, Fatima Majzoub Ibrahim  and Jihan Ahmed Ibrahim Abdrahman
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Marginal Adaptation – A Review

Dr. Komal C. Dave, Dr. Asha M. Rathod, Dr. Gaurang Mistry, and Dr. Sheetal Parab
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A Study of Prevalence of Patients with Junctional Rhythm with Special Reference to Etiological Correlation

Dr. Pulakesh Sinha, Dr. Apurba Bikash Pramanik, Dr. Ashesh Halder, 

Dr. Avijit Moulik, Dr. Debarshi Jana
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Elimination of Candida Albicans Biofilm in Radicular Dentin By Intracanal Medications-In Vitro Study

Habeebulla. M, Indu Raj, Vinodkumar.P, Maya Nandakumar
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Classification of Microscopic Images of Breast Cancer using Texture Analysis

Mihad M. B.Abdalrahman, M. E. M.Garelnabi, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein, Fatima Majzoub Ibrahim and Jihan Ahmed Ibrahim abdrahman

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Natural Layering Concept in the Treatment of Developmental Defect of Enamelin Adolescent Patient

Vera Yulina, Meirina Gartika
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Characterization of Liver Metastases Using Ultrasonography

AbdalrafiaBallaMohd, Prof. MEM Garelnabi, Dr Babkir. Awad Aalla

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Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Endodontics

AbdalrafiaBallaMohd, ProfMEM Garelnabi,4 Dr. Asma I.Ahmed

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